PINGU Token Benefits

PINGU stakers receive a 35% share of these protocol fees, distributed in ETH and USDC with no locking period. These include both fees paid on order submissions and liquidations.

No Lockup Periods

You're free to withdraw PINGU from the staking pool at any time.

No Inflation

Tired of tokens that endlessly inflate their supply and inevitably sell off at the expense of holders? PINGU is a fixed supply token.

No Complexity

It's simple. There's one token. No smokescreens. No recursive token shenanigans. No ponzinomics.


Due to the low supply and exclusive holder base, by owning PINGU, you're part of a tight-knit community that is bound by a culture of holding for the long-run, and aligned, supportive, and optimistic about the future of the protocol.

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