Powerful Trading Interface

Pingu's intuitive trading dashboard lets you quickly place orders, monitor charts, track positions, browse your trading history, customize display data, and more.

Advanced Order Types

Submit market, limit, stop, reduce-only, price-protected, one-cancels-the-other (OCO), and orders with expiry. This lets you create orders like take-profit and stop-loss to seamlessly manage risk/reward on active positions. Learn more about the available order types.

Superior Order Execution

Pingu uses a state-of-the-art on-demand oracle settlement system to execute orders on-chain at the best available price, with little to no slippage. Prices are sourced from the most liquid spot venues and averaged in real-time to attenuate price wicks, resulting in unrivaled order execution.

Adjustable Leverage

Pingu runs an isolated margin system, allowing you to adjust the leverage (and margin) on every order you submit. You can also fine-tune leverage on active positions as you see fit by adding or removing margin. Profits, losses, and liquidations are siloed to each individual position and do not affect your other positions or buying power.


Use ETH or USDC as margin to submit orders and open positions directly from your Web3 wallet. Profits and losses are calculated and paid in the same collateral. For example, if you submit a long position with size 10 ETH and price goes up 10%, your profit is 1 ETH (minus fees). The same is true for short positions. Learn more about profit and loss calculation.

Dynamic Funding

Funding rates are calculated hourly for each market and collateral asset based on the real-time open interest imbalance. For example, if there are more longs than shorts on the ETH-USD market in USDC collateral, USDC-margined long positions will pay USDC-margined shorts on that market. Learn more about how funding rates are calculated.


Provide liquidity in ETH or USDC to back trader profits and receive their losses plus a share of protocol fees. Pooling lets you earn real yield directly in the underlying asset you deposit. It is not risk-free since traders can make gains, which would dent pool returns. By depositing in the pool, you're automatically providing liquidity across all available markets on Pingu. Learn more.


Stake Pingu, the protocol's native token, to receive a share of protocol fees. These include both fees paid on order submission and pool deposits and withdrawals. Learn more.

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