Order Actions


Make sure you've set up and connected your wallet on the Arbitrum One network. You can submit orders directly through the interface or by using the contract API.

Submit Order

Select a Market

Select a market to trade from the market drop-down list.

Select a Direction

Buy orders will create a new long position, add to an existing long position, or reduce an existing short position.

Sell orders will create a new short position, add to an existing short position, or reduce an existing long position.

Select an Order Type

In combination with the "More Options" menu, you have access to a wide variety of order types. Learn more.

Select an Asset

Select ETH or USDC. Your order's margin will be denominated in this asset.

Select Leverage

Leverage multiplies your potential profits and losses. The more leverage you use, the less margin (real balance) you need to achieve a given order size.

Enter Order Size

This is your total order size, equal to leverage × margin. For example, an order size of 50 ETH at 50× leverage will use 1 ETH in margin (actual balance) from your wallet.

Once submitted, your order will appear in the Orders panel. It will remain there until settlement.

The minimum order size is 0.05 ETH or 100 USDC.

Update Price

You can update a limit or stop order's price directly from the Orders panel.

Cancel Order

You can cancel an order by clicking on the X. This will return the margin tied to the order (plus fees) to your wallet.

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